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Center for Inclusive Economic Development

We are at the forefront in thought leadership in the country at offering an alternative and innovative idea for the development of an inclusive economy through the development of People’s Owned Enterprises or (BUMR) as a solution to the ugly triad of problems plaguing the country - poverty, unemployment, and the widening economic gap. The BUMR is an economic institution that works in collaboration with larger economic institutions in an interdependent manner. BUMR whose shares are owned by groups of small producers who are members of cooperatives have the characteristics of a modern corporation with the bargaining position and a modern management structure.

Capacity Building

TAU plays a pivotal role in BUMR development in that sustainability and credibility of the BUMR towards its stakeholders (shareholders, the industry, customers, financial sources, government, and the public) is contingent on the competency of its management. Therefore, skills and the system of management requires unparalled professionalism. The BUMR management system must be developed to equal those of large corporations. Towards thid end, TAU focuses on capacity building given that skilled management personnel in the regions, where the BUMR is expected to operate is still limited.

Institutional Building

The BUMR as an inclusive economic institution needs the support of all stakeholders, especially the government. Not only because it is merely an institution of new economic players, but also because therein lies about 170 million lives, or 70% of Indonesia’s population. AT the Center, we collaborate closely with various government agencies, banks, and others to:

  • Establish the economic clusters appropriate to the potential, strengths and interests of the government / regional community
  • Building a value chain analysis that begins with a market analysis from the industry or trade that uses raw materials from regionally-based commodities
  • Building an Inclusive Financial and Economic Plan that will have the economies of scale to achieve a level of efficiency and market competitiveness.
  • Collaboration with financial and other supporting institutions in facilitating access to funding and relevant grants

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